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SELF Load Binder

The Challenge:
Load securement, especially for heavy equipment, if not done correctly, can be a major cause of accidents, injuries and even death. It must be taken seriously, and the methods have to be able to allow the operators of equipment transportation, usually flatbed trucks, to make the best use of the available devices. For years load binders that tighten chains have been either dangerous such as the lever binder or difficult and tiring like the ratchet binder. Repetitive motion injuries can be a result of operating ratchet binders especially when frequent load checks are required and there are a multitude of binders in use.




The Solution:

Jay Mahaffey, after many years of hauling equipment and dealing with the frustration of the lever and ratchet load binders conceived an idea that would be utilize a battery powered impact wrench with a gear driven product that is safer, easier, lighter and faster. Jay was introduced to me and we formed a partnership to develop Jay’s idea. After nearly three years devoted to design, field evaluation and having three patents granted, the SELF Load Binder is on its way to changing the way load securement is done. We have had many of our customers report how the SELF Load Binder has made their job much easier and safer.