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Clean Energy from Pelletized Waste

The Challenge:

The planet is overwhelmed with waste created by consumer consumption and manufacturing by-products. Landfills are at or over capacity and there is no slowing down in sight. What if a large portion of this waste could be utilized to produce a clean and productive source of energy?

The Solution:

The Oxygen Enriched Burner System converts waste into usable energy.

The inventor is a component supplier for the SELF Load Binder. During one of our early meetings, he expressed curiousity about my background in product development. It turned out that he was working on an invention of his own Рan energy source that would  use up large volumes of waste materials like plastic, sawmill byproducts, plastic, cardboard, or dung, to name a few. As our relationship developed, I assisted him in obtaining a patent and was granted the exclusive right to commercialize his invention: The Oxygen Rich Burner System (patent pending).

First, waste materials are processed into plasticized pellets which make them moisture resistant. The pellets are conveyed by a specially designed auger system to the oxygen enriched burner. Here, pure oxygen is provided via a pressure swing absorption process. The burner can achieve temperatures of up to 4,000 degrees F. At this temperature, the pelletized material (fuel) is vaporized with no ash resulting. Only a small amount of carbon dioxide and water vapor result.

As an auxiliary benefit of the pressure swing absorption process, separated nitrogen may be captured for later use in the drying process for those waste materials which have a high moisture content.

¬†The heat energy produced by the burner can be used as an energy source for any number of applications…for example:

  • Providing heat for buildings and enclosures.
  • Producing electricity generated by steam power or mechanical energy (such as via Stirling engine).
  • Giving greenhouses a source of heat, light and C02.